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        Hi, I am using Mohave 10.14.6 on a work computer with XCode 11.2 having recently been upgraded from High Sierra.  Before the upgrade, I had  been successfully using lldb-mi as part of my cross-platform C++ debugging sessions; this binary file had been present in the /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin folder before the upgrade. After the upgrade, lldb-mi is gone!  How do I get it back?  I see this is also happening to Catalina developers (not just Mohave).   There are bugs debugging certain C++ elements in lldb thus the need for lldb-mi.  How do I get lldb-mi back?  A quick look through /usr/local/bin and other spots didn't locate it either unless I missed something?  Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

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          It seems that lldb-mi is no longer part of the main LLDB project.  See this announcement.

          Xcode does not use lldb-mi itself — it was only included in the Xcode distribution as a side effect of including LLDB proper — and thus this change means lldb-mi no longer ships with Xcode.

          If you need lldb-mi you can build it yourself based on the open source repository.

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