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        -bash: rvictl: command not found

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          I have installed xcode/MobileDeviceDevelopment.pkg/MobileDevice.pkg,  The terminal : cmmand not found?

          Could you  tell me How to solve this issue?

          I am from CHN. Thank you!

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              Connect your iOS device to your Mac via USB.

              Set up an RVI for that device. This creates a virtual network interface on your Mac that represents the iOS device's networking stack.

              Run your OS X packet trace program, and point it at the RVI created in the previous step.

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              MAC Catalina 10.15.1 (19B88)

              Xcode Version 11.2 (11B52)

              I think this is a bug in this xcode version.

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                rvictl should be installed by Xcode.  One thing to watch out for in 10.15 is that it’s now installed in a new location.  In 10.14.x it was installed in /usr/bin/rvictl.  In 10.15 it’s installed in /Library/Apple/usr/bin/rvictl.  The default shell on 10.15 has /Library/Apple/usr/bin/ in its path, but you seem to be customising your shell and thus you might not be picking this up from there.

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                  The rvictl has been relocated to /Library/Apple/usr/bin/ folder.  If you add this to your paths, you will be able to use rvictl again.


                  sudo nano /etc/paths


                  Add the line /Library/Apple/usr/bin/


                  Ctrl X to save and type Y to accept.  Restart the terminal and rvictl should work now.