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        On my machine text styles are broken in Xcode 11.1+ and I am desperately looking for a solution/workaround. It seems that the problem is not related to my current project but I can reproduce it in new projects as well. As this does not seem to affect all users of Xcode 11.1, I am guessing that it must be something related to my setup. I am running Xcode on a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 with Mojave.


        The bug presents itself like this: When I click on a label in IB and then click on the font attribute in the attribute inspector, a popup opens with the sections "font, style and size". When I click on the "font", I can select a text style like "Body, Headline, Footnote" in Xcode 11.0. In Xcode 11.1+ I can see the grey header called "Text Styles", but there are no entries underneath.


        See also with some images:



        Any help is greatly appreciated as I cannot run my app on device with Xcode 11.0 anymore. My current workaround is a parallel installation of Xcode 11.2 beta 2 to run my app on device while doing UI development in Xcode 11.0.