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        I have a simple app that has two views: a list and detail view. In the details view controller, I reference a WKWebView that exists in my storyboard layout for my detail view. Everything runs fine but when I hit the navigational button to go back to the list view from the details view I get this error twice:

        [ProcessSuspension] 0x10cef6390 - ProcessAssertion::processAssertionWasInvalidated()


        To see what was causing the problem I commented everything out in my details view controller that referenced the webview but the error still showed up. I then removed the webview’s reference from the storyboard to the detail viewcontroller’s variable but the error still showed up when I return from the detail view to the list view. I then removed the webview altogether from the SB and the error went away. I added a brand new webview on the SB without adding any references to it and the error returns. I am not referencing this object anywhere that I can see especially since it is brand new. Is there something that I am supposed to do when I segue back from the details view to the list view that deals specifically with the webview cleanup?