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        I'm getting an error/crash when I attempt to call AVAudioIONode.setVoiceProcessing(true) on an AVAudioInputNode object. It's a different error depending on what code I'm calling it on. In the Spoken Word demo, I call it after I set the AudioSession active and set categories:


        let audioSession = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance()
        try audioSession.setCategory(.record, mode: .measurement, options: .duckOthers)
        try audioSession.setActive(true, options: .notifyOthersOnDeactivation)
        let inputNode = audioEngine.inputNode
        try inputNode.setVoiceProcessingEnabled(true)


        Which results in a crash/error:

        AVAEInternal.h:76    required condition is false: [AVAEGraphNode.mm:823:CreateRecordingTap: (IsFormatSampleRateAndChannelCountValid(format))]

        Elsewhere, in my own app, I get a non-crashing, different error that prints in the console seemingly every time the node's tap buffers:

        AUBuffer.h:61:GetBufferList: EXCEPTION (-1) [mPtrState == kPtrsInvalid is false]: ""


        Any ideas what these mean? If there some limitation of this function that has to do with buffer/sizes taps? The Using Voice Processing example calls this function with no errors, but I can't tell what that app is doing differently, apart from being more specific about file formats.