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        What I found is ?



        Try to scroll horizontally between the interface controllers inside a root page controller.



        1. Randomly after a while (30-1 min).
        2. You will find that one of the interface controllers gets missing.
        3. Blank view is shown, UI disappears completely. ( Black view with no interface ).
        4. Try to open the view debugger in XCode, you will find that the Interface window of the view is missing from the page view controller hierarchy.



        To reproduce


        • Create a new application.
        • Create a new Watch application
        • Added 2 additional interface controllers to the storyboards
        • Add Identifier for both
        • Inside the initial interface controller call


        WKInterfaceController.reloadRootPageControllers(withNames: ["View1","View2"], contexts:  ["View1","View2"], orientation: .horizontal, pageIndex: 1)



        • Run the application on Watch OS 6 Series 3 ( Simulator or A device )
        • Try to scroll randomly



        What I expect from the Page controller to hold the interface controllers as it should and it shouldn't show a blank black screen, while the user is scrolling.