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        I've been having real trouble using a third party to manage cryptographic signing of content with my web app. This works perfectly when the webapp is added to Homescreen and the webmanifest is set to

        "display": "browser"


        However, as soon as the app is set to

        "display": "fullscreen"


        functionality is broken as it behaves as if it is a standalone app, preventing access to the service provider's iframe within my app. Essentially it exhibits behaviour as if `Prevent Cross-Site Tracking` is on, even though I have this switched off in Safari's Settings.

        The solution might be to allow a setting `Prevent Cross-Site Tracking For WebApplications` to be switched off.

        Essentially I need to be able to allow Cross Site LocalStorage so that when I load the iframe to www.somesite.com, it is allowed to access localStorage for www.somesite.com within the PWA.
        I would like everything else to stay the same, essentially just allowing a fullscreen experience of the safari page.