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        Hi everyone,


        every time I create new Playgrounds I can hear a loud noise from my MacBook Pro fans. I can see in Activity Monitor that mobileassetd process is taking about 75-80% CPU power. It happens basically all the time. Sometimes is happens just because I opened Simulator.

        Am I the only 1 with such an issue?


        macos: Catalina 10.15

        Xcode: 11.1 (11A1027)

        MacBook Pro A1708

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          gvalkov Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

          For me this happened right after updating to Xcode 11.2 (11B52). It started using 100% CPU, which remained even after restarting my MacBook Pro 2018. Force-quitting Xcode several times, helped, then it happened again on the next day. I'm using a Swift projet with Storyboard.


          I tried contacting support (case number 100943719734), but they told me they only assist with account maintenance and creation.

          I'm prety much tired of the poor quality of Apple software and being forwarded from one place to another without any solution or way to reach the engineers.