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        I have an iPad app that allows the user to create a multiple choice test. I want to be able to export the test from Core Data to XML and then save the file elsewhere - either in the local Documents directory or on a server, like iCloud or Drop Box. I can generate the XML file but it might have associated image files that need to be saved with it, so I'm currently creating the XML file and associated image files in a directory that I create in the local tmp directory and I want to transfer all of that to the destination directory.


        I tried using UIDocumentPickerViewController to export the directory and its contents to a directory that the user selects with the doc picker, but I'm getting an error popup message that says "The Add Operation Can't Be Completed - The file doesn't exist." I tried again with the move option and got basically the same message. It does create the directory in the destination directory but none of the directory contents are exported/moved. I'm guessing the doc picker doesn't like exporting/moving directories. It works fine if I just provide a list of files but I want them to be organized in the destination directory.


        I know I could zip them and send them as one big file but I'd like to avoid that if possible.