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        Opened two different scenes of my app in Mac Catalina and when dragging an item from one window


        1) If I drop the item in another scene, in the destination

                  - (BOOL) dropInteraction:(UIDropInteraction *)interaction canHandleSession:(id<UIDropSession>)session API_AVAILABLE(ios(11.0)) {

                  - (void) dropInteraction:(UIDropInteraction *)interaction performDrop:(id<UIDropSession>)session API_AVAILABLE(ios(11.0)) {


        the UIDropSession is always nil.



        2) If I drop the item in the same exact window from where I started the dragging the <UIDropSession> object is NOT nil.


        3) Everything works well on iPadOS.



        Am I doing something wrong?

        Did I forget to enable something in order for an item to be dragged on another scene in MAC?