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        In Documentation > Sign in with Apple REST API > Verifying a User it is stated that:


             "If any step of the token verification fails, direct your app to fetch a new identity token for the user.

             Obtaining a new identity token on the device doesn’t require user interaction."


        I have been unable to find any documentation about which API provides this ability.


        I have tried creating a refresh operation with the following code, but it always presents the Sign in with Apple UI.


            let request = appleIDProvider.createRequest()
            request.requestedOperation = .operationRefresh
            request.user = KeychainItem.currentUserIdentifier
            let controller = ASAuthorizationController(authorizationRequests: [request])
            controller.delegate = self


        Is there a way to do what the documentation suggests, or is the documentation incorrect?

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          agart1 Apple Staff Apple Staff (50 points)

          As stated in our documentation, this sentence: "Obtaining a new identity token on the device doesn't require user interaction" is incorrect and we are working on updating the documentation. Currently, there is no way to get a new identity token without user interaction. Thanks for helping point this out!