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        So  I installed the 4th beta of El Capitan and it has made Mail completely unusable.  Here's a list of the issues:


        1) When I open the mail app the app opens but most times I can't get a visible viewer window (where you see the incoming messages).  When I try to open a new one -- nothing happens.


        2) On the rare occasions where I can get a viewer window to open - An email that I had started also shows up and begins to flicker on and off at once every two seconds.  In other words its visible and then goes away and then it shows up again ad nauseum.


        3) On the single time when I could get mail to open without that flicking draft email issue I tried to send out an email and the email just got stuck -- never sent but was stuck in "Sending....." mode.


        What have I tried?


        Just about everything:


        - I've gone into the Mail folder and cleared out all of the Index files so that they could be rebuilt.  Mail did that and then after it was complete continued to exhibit the behavior I listed above.


        - Turned off all of the mail accounts.  Great except that when I turn them back on mail again begins to act up.


        If you guys have ANY other suggestions I'd appreciate it.  I know its a beta but I went thorugh the Mavericks and Yosemite beta with FAR fewer issues than this.




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          My issues aren't as severe but I've just had a phase of emails opening blank and refusing to display contents. I did a similar thing and rebuilt the index and this seems to have fixed it up for me.


          I used this command line instruction to do the rebuild. Close mail and run the command then reopen mail again.


          sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/V3/MailData/Envelope\ Index vacuum\ subjects;


          I found this command on line ages ago so thanks to whoever wrote and published it. I updated it to V3 for Yosemite / El Cap.