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        Hello! Had a quick question. We're trying to get our apps ready for Catalina, and there's a part of the Notarization process where you need to create an Identifier for your app. We have different builds for our game app (Steam, DRM-Free, etc..), do we need an Identifier for each one of those builds, or a single one for all of them is okay?

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          By different build you mean different apps? Or one app with running versioning?


          Are those different builds different projects, or one project with different targets? One project different schemes?


          Using a macro, or hard coding the bundle ID?


          In any case, if you mean different apps, they'll need unique bundleIDs...

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            There’s two parts to this:

            • Should each of your apps use a separate bundle ID? (A)

            • Does the notarisation service require that? (B)

            With regards B, the answer is a clear “No.”  To quote Customizing the Notarization Workflow:

            Include the primary-bundle-id flag — which is required — to specify an identifier that helps you keep track of automated correspondence from the notarization service. The value you give doesn’t need to match the bundle identifier of the submitted app or have any particular value. It only needs to make sense to you. The notarization service includes the value whenever it emails you regarding the given altool submission.

            With regards A, my general advice is that each product should have a unique bundle ID but that’s quiet a nuanced issue (related to how you share various bits of state between the products).  If you’re already using the same bundle ID for these products, I wouldn’t change it just for the sake of notarisation.

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