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        I know with Disk Arbitration framework, I can use DARegisterDiskMountApprovalCallback to prevent external disks from mounting. The disks includes thumb drive, external hard disk, etc., but there are many types of peripherals out there, like a usb wireless receiver or a USB ethernet adapter. Is there any other framework for us to use to enable/disable peripherals based on their I/O Registry properties? Thanks!

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          Let me make my question more specific. I'd like to be able to enable/disable built-in/external network adapter(ethernet or Wi-Fi), built-in/external bluetooth adapter, etc. Is there any general method to deal with individual hardware just like Windows? Thanks!

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              On the networking front, it depends on what you mean by “disable”:

              • If want to prevent the hardware from showing up at all, you may be able to do that at the I/O Kit level.  The typical approach is to create an I/O Kit driver that matches against the hardware more tightly than the built-in drivers, and then explicitly avoids publishing a network interface.

              • If you want to disabling the resulting network interface, you can do that using the System Configuration framework.

              Both approaches have present significant challenges.

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