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        To start development while waiting for the creation of an official 'organisation Apple developer account', I used my own Apple developer account and created 'app id'. Now I would like to use the same 'app id' in the official 'organisation Apple developer account'. The app was never published but I have used TestFlight to deploy internally the app. We are using the 'app id' in one of our third party SDK license and we will need to buy a new license to use another 'app id'.

        • From my Apple developer account I could not delete the 'app id'. I get 'the app id appears to be used by the App Store, so it cannot be removed'.
        • I went to 'App Store Connect' and was able to remove the app id. I got even the message 'other developers can re use this app id'.
        • I returned back to my Apple developer account and still not able to remove the app.

        My assumption is: if I can delete the 'app id' from my own account I will be able to re-use from the official 'organisation Apple developer account'.

        Why I can delete 'app id' from 'App Store Connect' and not from the 'developer account'?

        Should I wait few days and try again hoping Apple will clean up the 'app id' and make it available for re-use?

        I know that you can transfer an app id to another developer account provided that 'The App must have had at least one version that has been released to the App Store'. However I have not published the app.

        Any idea? Thanks