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        If I want to refer to the actual window (where I write the code) I would do view.window or self.view.window. For instance:

        view.window?.title = "new title"


        But if I am in another place, for instance, in the AppDelegate.swift how do I refer to a specific window? For instance, I tried and it does not work:

        ViewController.title = "new title"


        (macOS and Swift)

        (I am quite new with Swift. Sorry if my question is innocent but I cannot find the answer anywhere. I would appreciate any orientation)

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          ViewController.title = "new title"


          You noticed this did not work.

          Because you need to apply to an instance, not to the class.


          You have several options here.


          1. Brute force (not recommended):

          - declare a global var (outside of any class)

               var myController : UIViewController?

          - set it when you create the VC (for instance when you load the View in its viewDidLoad

          - use as

               myWindow?.title = "new title". // In case it is nil


          2. Use notification

          In ViewController:

          - make VC observe some notification (addObserver) : "notifyTitleChange"

          - as a handling of notification, change the title

               self.view.window?.title = "new title"


          In AppDelegate

          - post a notification when needed

          - take care: if you send when VC not yet created, notification may be lost.


          3. Use delegation

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              Ok. I could manage to put a notification in the AppDelegate.swift:

              func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ aNotification: Notification) {

                      NSWorkspace.shared.notificationCenter.addObserver(self, selector: #selector(self.spaceChange), name: NSWorkspace.activeSpaceDidChangeNotification, object: nil)


              @objc func spaceChange() {

                      print("space did change")

                      // window?.setFrame(NSRect(x:0,y:0,width:500,height:500), display: true)



              It prints well the message, so it detects when the user changes to a different space. Now I want to put a window in the active space, change its title or do things with that window. My question is how do I call that window

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                  I would put the observer as well as spaceChange() in the ViewController for which you want to change the title.


                  And post a notification from the appDelegate or in any controller from where you want to change the title of another view (or its own view also).