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        This is a request for support regarding JSON token creation for MapKit JS.


        Since my intent is not to create an app, but only to use MapKit JS, I only need a single JSON authorization token.  That should not require use of a code library.


        Following the instructions at "https://developer.apple.com/documentation/mapkitjs/creating_a_maps_identifier_and_a_private_key",

        I have created a Maps ID and obtained a MapKit JS Private Key (a .p8 file).  That key is downloaded and stored in a safe place.


        However, there are NO instructions from Apple on how to use that private key.

        The downloaded file is not of a type that is recognized by MacOS, so it cannot be opened with a double-click.

        By experimentation, I discovered that it is possible to open the private key file using TextEdit.  This revealed that the file is plain text, with 200 characters of encoded material preceded by a "begin" line and followed by an "end" line.


        Proceeding to the documentation page at "https://developer.apple.com/documentation/mapkitjs/creating_and_using_tokens_with_mapkit_js",

        the instructions to "Create a MapKit JS Token" are woefully incomplete.  It is simple enough to complete a JSON object header and a JSON object claims payload with the necessary details appropriate to my situation.  (However, it did take some experimentation at jwt.io/#debugger to determine reasonable values for "iat" and "exp".)  But there is no clue anywhere as to how to "use [my] private key to sign the token", and all experimentation at jwt.io/#debugger has failed, i.e., yielded "invalid signature" instead of an encoded token.


        Note that jwt.io/#debugger does not provide any instructions or help; it is one of those things that is supposed to be "intuitively obvious," but isn't.


        What do I need to do to use the private key that Apple provided to sign a JSON token that I can then use with MapKit JS?