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        Im trying to generate a privatekey that only is accessible when either pincode or current set of biometrics( that is already registered on device) is used. It works when i have a finger registered on device, then its all good. But if i delete my registered "touchid-finger", and try to generate a new key, then it returns nil

        Errorcode is -25293

        func generateKey() -> SecKey?{
          var error: Unmanaged?
          let accessControl = SecAccessControlCreateWithFlags(
          let attributes:[String : Any] = [kSecAttrType as String: kSecAttrKeyTypeRSA,
          kSecAttrKeySizeInBits as String:4096,
          kSecPrivateKeyAttrs as String: [
          kSecAttrCanSign: true,
          kSecAttrApplicationTag: "yes.its.my.tag",
          let privateKey = SecKeyCreateRandomKey(attributes as CFDictionary, &error)
          if(error != nil || privateKey == nil) {
               fatalError("explode Kittens")
          return privateKey

        Its actually works on simulators but not on real devices.
        I do not want to use userPresence, since then one can add fingerprints and still be able to fetch the key.

        Since its .OR , i would think it should be enough to have a pincode on device to generate key.

        posted the question on stackoverflow also.. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58445519/ios-not-able-to-create-privatekey-if-only-pincode-is-set-on-device