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        Hi all,


        when I use below steps to check my kext file on MacOS 10.15, it returns errors:

        Execute below commands on terminal:

          sudo chown -R root:wheel kextname.kext

          sudo chmod -R 755 kextname.kext


        sudo kextload kextname.kext

        Terminal shows below message:

          /path/kextname.kext failed to load - (libkern/kext) not found; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8).


        sudo kextutil kextname.kext

        Terminal shows below message:

        Kext rejected due to system policy: <OSKext 0x7fec84d68e80 [0x7fff8ddbfb00]> { URL =    "file:///Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extensions/kextname.kext/", ID = "com.myname.driver.xxx" }

        /Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extensions/kextname.kext does not authenticate; omitting.

        Kext rejected due to system policy: <OSKext 0x7fa2514d9f80 [0x7fff8ddbfb00]> { URL = "file:///Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extensions/kextname.kext/", ID = "com.myname.driver.xxx" }


        I've tried to execute command:

          codesign -vvv --deep --strict kextname.kext on terminal

        Terminal shows below message:

        kextname.kext: valid on disk

        kextname.kext: satisfies its Designated Requirement


        My step to generate kext:

        1. Generate my certificate and upload it by my developer ID, and then download the certificate

        2. Use Xcode 11.1 to build kext successfully:

           Signing & Capabilities:

             - Automatically mange signing: unchecked

             - Signing Certificate: select Developer iD Application which I downloaded

           Build Settings:

             - Signing:

               Code Signing Identity: Developer ID Application

               Code Signing Inject Base Entitlements: No

               Development Team: my team name

               Enable Hardened Runtime: Yes


             - OSBundleLibraries

               com.apple.kpi.iokit: 19.0.0

               com.apple.kpi.libkern: 19.0.0


        Is there a way to known the detail for "Kext rejected due to system policy" error? Or to solve it?




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          Is your Developer ID enabled for KEXT development?  If you’re not sure, you can check using the instructions in KEXT Code Signing Problems.

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              Dear eskimo,


              Thanks for your reply,

              After I check codesign0.cer, it has the extension with OID=1.2.840.113635., my certificate is in correct OID.


              Please see my further actions and result as below:

              Action 1.

              Execute command: spctl -a -v --type install /path/kextname.kext

              (kextname.kext is builded by Xcode 11.1)

              Terminal shows below message:

              /path/kextname.kext: accepted

              source=Unnotarized Developer ID

              override=security disabled


              Action 2.

              Step1: There is two Partition 10_15 and 10_15_1 on my Mac

              Step2: Boot on 10_15

              Step3: Build kext with Xcode11.1 on MacOS 10.15

              Step4: Use Packages to set to /System/Library/Extensions/kextname.kext on Payload setting and build a pkg

              Step5: Open and install pkg on 10_15_1

              Step6: Reboot on 10_15_1

              Step7: kext can be loaded normally.

              Although it can work, but I hope it can be installed and work well on my current partition 10_15


              Action 3.

              Step1: Build kext with Xcode10 on MacOS 10.14.4

              Step2: Use Packages to set path to /System/Library/Extensions/kextname.kext on Payload setting and build a pkg

              Step3: install it on MacOS 10.14.4, It works well

              Step4: Upgrade MacOS 10.14.5, it works well

              Step5: Upgrade MacOS 10.14.6, it works well

              Step6: Upgrade MacOS 10.15, it is removed

              I know MacOS 10.15 will auto remove it, but my kext is normal loaded on previous Mac OS version


              Can you kindly provide another way to check or debug this issue?