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        I am hoping this is the right section in which to post this. I have an app in the app store that does not use location, we don't request location, we don't import CoreLocation (although it's possible a third party library is.) We don't get any warnings when we submit to the app store that we need to add the Info.plist descriptions for location. Location is literally not in use at all by my app.


        However if I go into the Settings App to my app on iOS 13+ Location shows under the list of "allow to access". The value is currently set to: "ask". If I tap into it I can see two options: "never" and "ask next time" with the latter currently selected. If select "never" and go back and then back in it goes back to "ask next time".


        Im trying to figure out what is causing this location setting to appear here. If I spin up a new sample project to test with, even importing all the same third party libraries I cannot reproduce this issue. It's upsetting my customers because they think i am tracking their location but I'm not. Furthermore if I go into Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services my app is not listed at in there as an app that has used or uses location.


        Anyone else seeing this and/or have any idea what might be causing this and more importantly how do I get this to go away?