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        Hello Pro

        My app work fine old version mac OS, But when I update to MacOS Catalina. It have issue.

        That issue: When app open the file, system show permission prompt with two option [Don't Allow] Or [OK} ( content msg: "*.app" would like to access files in your desktop folder.) . If user select [Don't Allow] , app continues with some issue.

        I think solution to solve issue:

             When open file and system show permission promt:

                  + if user select [Don't Allow] on permission prompt=> Close app

                   + If user select [OK] on permission prompt=> continue open file


        I less experience with App on macOS. I'm not yet to implement it.

        And I have question:

        How to check status of permisison promt whether use select [Don't Allow] or not?

        what is API to get info( Allow the app to access files and folders?

        Thanks for your advice