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        First we are receiving 160K data from the server Then we are trying to insert this 160k data directly to CallKit but we are getting this error :


        com.apple.CallKit.error.calldirectorymanager Code=2


        Then we tried 30K data to insert and this time it was successful.

        Our problem is we can not insert more than 30K, for this reason, we can not use the remaining 120K.

        How can we solve this issue ?

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          I'm also seeing simliar issues.  Calling CXCallDirectoryManager.sharedInstance.reloadExtension in the app always gives a com.apple.CallKit.error.calldirectorymanager error 2 which is CXErrorCodeCallDirectoryManagerErrorLoadingInterrupted unless I only load like one number.  If I run the extension target, then it loads no problem.  An iOS 12 device seems to load fine.


          Please update if you find out anything.