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        Hi all, i'm new here, just started learning iOS in Swift, i have a project i've been working on and it involves NFC tags, I know that just recently with the release of iOS13 we can read and write to NFC Tags, i'm having an issue with the NFCTagReaderSession, I think my code is fine but when I run my app i get the following Error.

        Error: Error Domain=NFCError Code=202 "Session invalidated unexpectedly" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Session invalidated unexpectedly}

        I've searched everywhere and the few descriptions i've found tell me that I need to add a few things such as the Entitlement of Associatged Domains, so i went ahead and added applinks:example.com

        I have also added the following to my plist4

        <string>NFC Tag!</string>

        I'm using an iPhone X running iOS 13.1.2 and i am using xCode 11.1


        Does anyone have any idea of what else I might be missing, or could it be that there's a bug in the SDK?


        Any help will be greatly appreciated.