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        Is there any reason why notarization shouldn't be performed using the copy of `altools` in Transporter.app rather than the one in Xcode? It says it's version 1.1, which is the same as was in Xcode 10.3, although the file is smaller. A quick test here shows it works OK.


        (I'm particularly thinking of people signing AppleScript applets, who otherwise have no reason to download the many gigs of Xcode.

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          My guess is in your example of only needing to sign scripts, sure, go for it if it works.


               >It says it's version 1.1


          About that 'copy' of altools via Transporter 1.1. Using this in terminal catalina/Xcode 11.x:

          xcrun altool

          ...returns altool Version 4.00.1181


          What process did you use to extract/install/run altools from/via Transporter?

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              I'm talking about the copy in Transporter.app 1.1, from the App Store. Entering its path in Termial, I get:


              Copyright (c) 2009-2018, Apple Inc. Version 1.1.1149


              The version in Xcode 10.3 is 1.1.1138, so it's newer than that -- and that version was fine for notarizing (if limited to one upload at a time).


              I just ran it using NSTask.


              I'm actually considering using it instead of Xcode's version as part of SD Notary.