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        I am using Collaborate in my CloudKit implementation on iOS. When I share data with another user, the other user is able to click on the link in email and open it directly via Apple Mail app, but if the user tries to copy link and open it in browser or open it through Gmail which basically opens the link in browser, it throws this error in the browser without even opening my app - "iCloud has stopped responding".


        I started facing this issue in iOS 13, it is working perfectly in iOS 12.


        Please let me know if there is anyone else facing this issue or is there any workaround to this problem.



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          I have experienced a similar problem with apps (Pages, Numbers, Notes, etc.) that allow you to share/collaborate a document with other users. The URL that is shared with another user opens when opened with Apple's Mail app but does not open when opened with a 3rd party mail app such as Google Mail or Yahoo. You get an error message "iCloud has stopped responding." If you copy and paste the URL into any browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.), you get the same error message.


          The problem started occurring with iOS 13. I can open the very same URL with iOS 12 but not with iOS 13.