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        I had Siri Shortcuts working with Local Authenticaton on iOS 12. Meaning I could run my shortcut from Siri, use Touch ID/Face ID via Local Authenticaton and get the response back all within the Siri UI.


        While updating my intents to iOS 13 it seems I always get a "User interaction is required." error from LocalAuthentication wether I use Siri or the Shortcuts app.


        Running my old app (before updating the intent definition to iOS 13) will prompt for Touch ID or Face ID but exit the Siri UI immediately. This stackoverflow reports the same thing: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58139274/touchid-authentication-inside-siri-intent-extension


        So my question is, does iOS 13 no longer allow the use of biometric authentication via LocalAuthentication on your Intents extension?




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          In Siri, I need to enable TouchID for security reasons, so the user needs to authenticate before requesting the info.

          It is working fine before I update my iPhone to iOS 13 But now after update to iOS 13 TouchID dialog closes the Siri screen and then the conversation ends:


          This is not working after updated to iOS 13 only.


          @paulo_andrade, I also looking for this Answer, Did you find any way to validate Touchid in siri UI ? Some one please help me on this.