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        I've been waiting 43 hours for the IAP in my latest app to start working. It's still not. It's approved on app store connect and I have no pending banking agreements. So far, I've recevied almost 100 emails from people enquiring what the problem is, people who I would have made money from. These are just the people that have bothered to contact me about it, I have no idea how many people have tried to buy and just deleted / closed the app. To be clear, the IAP is the ONLY way I make money in the app and it walls off some very important features.


        Aside from losing sales, I'm also being given 1 star reviews because the app "doesn't work" apparently. Can I get these reviews removed?


        All in all this is absolutely shocking. My question is, does Apple think this is an acceptable way to treat independent devs? Lets face it, if this was a Google / Facebook app then this wouldn't be happeneing. I've spent the majority of my free time for the past TWO YEARS working on this, only to get shafted by this BS when it finally launches.


        This all could have been avoided if I was warned this might happen at some stage during development. So far the only reference to this is buried in a tech note, which I only found because I was searching for the problem itself.


        I'm furious about this and would really appreciate some kind of response from Apple as to why they allow this to happen.