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        I am trying to find the current keyboard layout for which I used this code

        TISGetInputSourceProperty(TISCopyCurrentKeyboardInputSource(), kTISPropertyInputSourceID); 

        but I could not find any documentation for TISGetInputSourceProperty() or TISCopyCurrentKeyboardInputSource() causing me to doubt if those are public APIs.

        We are thinking If this API is not public and we still use it in our Java SDK, it may affect applications (that use Java SDK) which are distributed via AppStore and could affect notarization.


        Could someone please point me to the documentation of these APIs and also ascertain if these 2 APIs are public and could be used in our code without any problem?




        PS: I could find a link in a post https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/TextFonts/Reference/TextInputSourcesReference/#//apple_ref/c/func/TISGetInputSourceProperty

        in https://github.com/microsoft/node-native-keymap/blob/master/src/keyboard_mac.mm

        which seems to suggest that documentation existed some time back but removed now. Is it intentional? does apple not want user to use this API?