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        I work with multple PDF files that have buttons linked with Uber and Waze deep link. This is how this used to work: the user receives the PDF and clicks the button he wants and than the app opens. This always worked and we didn't have any problem regarding the "app opens" event. The thing is that after Apple released iOS 13, all these links stopped working. Now, the user cliks the button and or Apple Store is opened or the Uber/Waze opens without the route we set at the deep link.


        We already tried taking this off the PDF file so we created a webpage for the user to click on the deep link, we tried to shorten the url, take off all the special/ascii characters, but none worked.


        All of our clients that have iOS 13 are facing theses issues and we don't know what else to do. However, Android keeps working fine.


        Here are two URL's that aren't working