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        We are working on a version of our Mac product that offers in-app purchase. It seems since upgrading to Catalina a couple of days ago I can no longer sign in with an App Store Connect sandbox account to test in-app purchases. Here is what a somewhat typical testing flow looked like when I was testing on Mojave with Xcode 11.



        1. Sign out of the Mac App Store

        2. Delete the _MASReceipt folder from the debug build app bundle.

        3. Launch the debug build of the app from the Finder. At this point I would be presented with a screen to sign in to the Mac App Store.

        4. Sign in with sandbox credentials and then app would quit, but there would then be a _MASReceipt folder in the app bundle.

        5. Build and run the app from Xcode and debug and test and whatnot.


        Now that with Catalina, I cannot get past step 3. I am presented with a dialog saying "SIgn In to the App Store" and the dialog does say [Environment: Sandbox] on it. I have tried 4 different Sandbox users and I can't get passed this dialog. It goes away briefly, but always pops back up and the receipt is never installed in the app bundle.


        I have tried restarting several times, even with both fingers crossed.


        Do I need to change my flow for Catalina or perhaps it is unrelated to the OS version and I'm just doing it wrong?

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          I have the same issue. In Catalina doesn't work verifying of the app wich build for the App Store with sandbox tester account. It say "Your Apple ID or password is incorrect." But I'm sure I enter the correct credentials. And creation of the new tester account didn't help for me.

          It's so pitty for us, becouse we can't normally test our app before release.