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        Apple has announced that notarization will not become required until January 1, 2020. But it would be very valuable to be able to know in advance if our applications will still run when the notarization requirements have taken effect - and on which operating system versions.


        So is it possible to put the system into a special "notarization required" mode, where the system behaves as if Apple has fully enabled all notarization requirements?


        Thanks in advance!



        Claus Moltke-Leth

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          There’s two parts to this:

          • Notarisation

          • Gatekeeper

          With regards notarisation, the developer news article you’re talking about indicates that the notarisation servers are running in errors-are-warnings mode.  You should look at the log you get back from the servers to see if it has any warnings, and then fix those warnings.  If you do that, you’ll be in good shape for any upcoming changes.

          With regards Gatekeeper, the currently released 10.15 includes all the expected Gatekeeper checks.  If your app passes Gatekeeper there, you should be fine.

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