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        I have a camera & bluetooth usage permission issue with the app working in single app mode.


        Briefly about our setup:

        - We use VPP in Apple Business Manager for buying our own custom app which uses bluetooth (for communication with other iOS devices) and camera (for ARKit face detection);

        - We use Hexnode MDM to install the app onto enrolled supervised iOS devices (the app is set up to be mandatory app in the MDM policy that gets provisioned to the device, as well as it is setup to run in a single app mode);

        - Whenever the provisioning process finishes on the device and our app is started, neither camera nor bluetooth permission is shown on first usage. Neither camera nor bluetooth are working as well (the camera screen is just blank, where bluetooth manager is not started). I've checked the device logs in console and found an error for camera permission (error code 103, which is https://developer.apple.com/documentation/arkit/arerror/code/cameraunauthorized). I have configured NSCameraUsageDescription as per documentation, and this functionality works well when launched in a normal mode on any iOS device (it works fine on unsupervised devices and works fine in multi app mode on supervised devices).


        So, my question is, is it intended behaviour for supervised devices in a single app mode?


        If yes, is there anything I can do to grant camera & bluetooth permissions remotely via MDM?


        If not, is it a bug that needs a fix on Apple side?