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        I am developing a chatting app which has groups sections where it shows all groups in firebase firestore.

        here is my data collection:

        and inside Group i have:

        can anyone guide me how to get all Group from firestore?  in realtime database i did that but could not get along in firestore:


        DataService.instance.REF_GROUPS.observe(.value) { (snapshot) in

                    DataService.instance.getAllMessagesFor(desiredGroup: self.group!, handler: { (returnedGroupMessages) in

                        self.groupMessages = returnedGroupMessages



                        if self.groupMessages.count > 0 {

                            self.tableView.scrollToRow(at: IndexPath(row: self.groupMessages.count - 1, section: 0), at: .none, animated: true)




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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,925 points)

          can anyone guide me how to get all Group from firestore?

          Your question is very specific to Firebase and you’re more likely connect up with experts in that technology if you ask it via its support channels.

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