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        Hello, I'm new to iOS development. I've read the documentation and have been to multiple forums to try and fix this issue but I'm still confused.


        1. I created an unreal engine project on my windows laptop


        2. On my windows laptop I followed the instructions here to create a signing certificate, App ID, and provisioning profile. https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Platforms/Mobile/iOS/Provisioning/index.html


        3. I tried to Package Project for iOS on my windows laptop and got this error:

        Code Signing Error: Provisioning profile "xxxxxxxxxxxx" doesn't match the entitlements file's value for the get-task-allow entitlement.

        Code Signing Error: Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK iOS 12.1


        4. I copied the file to my macbook and tried to Package Project for iOS there.

        Code Signing Error: No signing certificate "iOS Development" found: No "iOS" signing certificate matching team ID "xxxxxxxxx" with a private key was found.


        In both cases I had a Distribution Povision Profile and Certificate imported to Unreal Engine under Project Settings->Platforms->iOS. My bundle identifier is a wildcard.


        On the macbook I under Project Settings->Platforms->iOS->Build I checked on Automatic Signing and entered my Team ID under IOS Team ID


        Windows iOS Package Error

        Macbook iOS Package Error

        Macbook Mobile Provision Settings

        Macbook Build Settings

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          Hello delicinq,

          In order to succesfully codesign, you are going to need to have either ALL Development resources or ALL Distributioon resources. You cannot mix the two while doing code signing for installing onto an iOS device. I would recommend doing Distribution AdHoc signing since you can do most of your testing using Unity and shouldnt need to do development code signing (the process is extremely simililar for Development signing if you need to do it).


          The first thing to check for is if you have your iOS Distribution Signing Certificate installed on the OS X machine that you are trying to do the code signing on? You can check this by following the below steps.

          Open Keychain Access -> Select "login" or whatever your primary Keychain is under the "Keychains" section on the left -> Select "Certificates" from the "Category" section below to help limit the search -> Look for "iPhone Distribution: [Name used in CSR]" -> Check to make sure the Private Key is also there (should have gray arrow to the left of the certificate icon)


          If this is not here, this will be an issue, you will need to try to move the certificate file from the Windows machine to your OS X machine, or create a new one with the CSR file you generated and add that to your OS X keychain.


          Let me know if this is present and you are still having issues. We will be able to investigate other areas that could be causing issues.


          Hopefully this helps!

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              I replied earlier with image links but my post is being moderated for a long time so here it is with embedded images:


              Hi Chuck thanks for the response,


              My intention was to use only distribution resources. I decided to remake my certificate to make sure everything is done correctly from the start because I guess I'm accidentally using a development certificate. Here's what I did:


              Step 1 Windows:


              Windows iPhonePackager (image)


              I tried to follow the Unreal Docs again. I notice when I used the Unreal iOS Configuration Wizard (iPhonePackager) I looks like it creates a developer rather than a distribution certificate request. Is that the problem, because iPhonePackager made a developer CSR+key pair rather than a distribution one? I originally used the (I guess developer?)CSR I made here to generate a Distribution certificate on the apple dev website. I don't see an option in iPhonePackager to choose distribution instead of development for the request.



              Step 2 Macbook:

              I tried to make the certificate on my mac instead. I did the following step


              macbook certificate step 1 (image)


              macbook certificate step 2 (image)

              macbook certificate step 3 (image)

              macbook certificate step 4 (image)


              1. I used the Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistant -> Request a certificate from a certificate authorirty...

              2. I created a new certificate for iOS Distribution (App Store and Ad Hoc).

              3. I uploaded the CSR file that I made from Keychain Access

              4. I downloaded my new certificate, created a keychain called UnrealEngineiOS, then drag and dropped the certificate there.


              I noticed when I generate a certificate using Keychain Access I'm not given a key like when I do it on windows using the iPhonePackager. How do I make a key for the certificate if I'm using my macbook? I also noticed iPhonePackager makes me pick an unreal project file but when I make a CSR on the macbook I don't have to choose any file. It makes me wonder what the purpose is of selecting the file. Is that why there's no key?


              Your help is really appreciated, thank you.

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                Since my original post is being moderated and images aren't showing here's the alternative for now:


                You could type i(dot)imgur(dot)com(slash) into your browser followed by the following text and it will show the images:


                Windows iPhonePackager: ZqE5J2J.jpg


                macbook certificate step 1: m9gkXz2.jpg

                macbook certificate step 2: ttjiRBF.jpg

                macbook certificate step 3: xSSTBbc.jpg

                macbook certificate step 4: inht3EV.jpg