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        Hi Guy's,instead


        I hope Apple developers also reading this articles, because the functionality of Safari development for Mac OS and iOS is strongly recomended to be changed.

        First at all I have working on simple site with css styles and html with small additions of Java and see next bug's (or features) provided by apple team.


        When I'm using safari 13 Develop console and set up ignore cache feature in Network tab is working for all content (html, fonts etc.) instead css stylesheets files. Css content still got by safari from memory and this is ver stupid idea. Always when I need to see my changes I have clean all cached data from all sites using Cmd + Option + R key combination. This method is unusable.


        More from this - I have connect iPhone with last iOS and mobile Safari version and do the same. Previous version has clean mobile safari cache when I do this action. Buit new version of Development console cleans only Mac Cache data not mobile cache. So, to check the site new look I need clean all mobile saved data included cache, cookies and other saved using my Safari on mobile device.

        I can't explain who has develop this, but he should be fired and strongly disabled from availiablity to work in IT for all his life.


        I really hope the solution is found by this community and I'll be grateful to see answers with solution in this thread.


        Thanks a lot,