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        We are a technology company for education and our platform uses, in addition to a web interface, the App that allows students of both our brand (AULAPP) and our clients to study through the app.


        All our clients have a version of the same app, with different themes, colors and logos from the main one, and they distribute user logins from their websites. Regardless of how they distribute their courses (paid or free), I charge my client for the amount of users who use the platform as a whole and not just for using the app.


        I am unable to approve the publication of my customers' Applications, as Apple is requiring us to tailor the Application to make sales within the Application, but we have not done so, as each of our customers has their own specific form of application. distribute your courses, which can be accessed through both the App and the interface directly over the web.


        Is there any alternative for us to continue enabling our business model with our customers the way it is without me having to create a sales layer inside of the app?