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        Reading the spec it isnt clear if Sync is a requirement or not for Playback duration to work. At first glance, it appears it is similar to a heartbeat to communicate back and forth between client and server. Which means that it would be optional and only used if the desire was to have an updated duration.


        We have implemented Offline Key and verified with the verify tool that the response is exactly as we expect with a storage duration and playback duration. Storage duration works as expected, if expired before playback begins, playback fails. However when we use our app, playback duration appears to not work as we expected. Meaning, playback does not stop when the expiration is met.


        My questions are...

        1. What is the expected behavior when playback duration is met when using offline key? Similar to lease or no?

        2. Can playback duration be honored from the offline key without a sync?

        3. What is the recommened workflow for adding makeSecureToken? I assumed it would fit in the AVPersistableContentKeyRequest workflow, however, it is apart of AVContentKeySession and therefore needs to be ran outside of the KeyRequest or am i missing something? I do see a good solution to implement this method that isnt really clunky.