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        I'm trying to get a trivial bugfix release for Touchgram up with added App Preview videos and have twice being metadata rejected.


        Touchgram is a rich content-creation app where the app UI is trivial and everything happens inside iMessage.


        I tried to show Messages being launched from Springboard, because people were a bit confused about the difference between the main app and using it in Messages.

        Your app preview includes content that does not sufficiently reflect the app in use. Specifically, your preview:

        - Displays other apps.

        - Shows footage other than the app in use.

        They included a screenshot of the springboard starting frame.

        I then trimmed the video further to show how it starts with the app icon in the middle of the Compact view of iMessage and they clipped that frame and left the status as rejected for the same reaons as above.


        Have just further trimmed the video so it shows the iMessage extension in Compact mode, which means iMessage's transcript and the bar of app icons is visible. Will be very interesting to see if this is accepted.


        Major Fears

        I have an alternate theory that the App Preview is regarded as only being for the app, even when 99% of your functionality is in the extension. So I may never be able to put up a video showing it in use in iMessage.


        The entire video, which I had cut into segments, is here on Youtube.


        Has anyone ever seen an iMessage app extension with preview videos on the app listing?