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        I am trying to continue a user activity based on a spotlight index. So I get a continuation callback to `-application:continueUserActivity:restorationHandler:`. I check for the activity's `activityType`. In cases where this type is of my custom type, I can continue as I have all the data that I need. However, in some cases (I don't know why) the type is `com.apple.corespotlightitem`, even though the indexed item was associated with an `NSUserActivity`. I don't exactly know why this happens, but I guess I have to deal with both cases. In the latter, however, I only have the `CSSearchableItemActivityIdentifier` key in the user info dictionary, which is to little to build up the UI for the user to continue the task. I need to prepopulate the search mask with informations that are in the `NSUserActivity`'s `userInfo` dictionary and in the `CSSearchableItemAttributeSet`. It seems like I am not able to access either of them.


        How do I get the attribute set when I only have the activity identifier? Or if anybody could explain what I would have to do to ensure that I get back the full `NSUserActivity`, that would work as well.


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