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        Hello Apple Community!


        We are a small business in the Pittsburgh Area, which has been around for 17 years.  We specialize in electronic counterfeit detection.  We have developed an electronic counterfeit detector, that uses a -170 dBm RF sensor to pick up the unintended emissions from chips, circuit boards and devices.  We are trying to adopt our tool to spot counterfiet iPhones, Apple Watches, iPods and other Apple products.  All electronics make these emissions.  They are a function of the age, construction and on-chip firmware.  The best part is our method does not need the product to be powered up to find the counterfiet.



        We are reaching out because we need a letter of support, from Apple.



        Right now, Nokomis is trying to win an SBIR Phase I from NSF to test unpowered iPhones, inside ADEC.  NSF has expressed a willingness to invest $100K in building in this capability.  We have a proposal with an experimental plan in place.  We understand that Apple is involved in a serious market battle with counterfeiters - and ADEC provides a unique capability to test the phones with no software.The problem is, I do not know whom to speak to inside the company.  Most people recommended that we register as a developer. 

        Anyone know whom we need to talk to?



        Dr. Matt Moynihan

        Nokomis Inc

        Pittsburgh, PA