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        According to this video https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/224/ starting with April 2020 the following are mandatory requirements:

        1) Adopt Storyboards (use storyboard instead of launch image)

        2) Support any size

        3) Support Split Screen Multitasking


        Now, I will go trough each point and say what I understood and state my questions.



        1) It's pretty clear, we need to let go of Launch images and go with storyboards.


        2) Is this related to number 1? If you use Launch Image as a launcher, the app take the resolution from that image.

        For example, if there is provided only an image for the iPhone 8 and the app will run on an iPhone X the app will be letterboxed.

        Also, should “support any size” imply the support for multitasking? In Split View the sizes of the app change all the time because you can resize the app at your will.



        3) From my knowledge only iPads can support multitasking, is this correct? Also, from my understanding there are multiple types of multitasking(Slide Over, Split View).

        I searched the internet for more information about “Support Split Screen Multitasking", but I didn’t find anything concrete related to this matter.

        I also checked the requirements on the official site at https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=09242019a and doesn’t say anything about multitasking.

        Will be multitasking mandatory from April 2020?


        Thank you!

        Have a wonderful day!