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        Apple CarPlay not working on ios 13.2/iPhone 11 Pro Max. I tried everything but once I connect the phone to the car it only shows me “iPod”. My car has Apple CarPlay and just stopped working when I connected to the new iPhone. Can someone help?! Thanks!

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          I'm having the same issue.

          2018 Chevy Traverse

          iPhone 11

          iOS 13.1.2


          I've done all the re-sets in the vehicle per Chevy and still can't get CarPlay to sync continually


          Adding to this thread so I can see any potentail fixes or feedback.

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              I am having the same problem with a 2017 Toyota Highlander. Pairing works great ! can't stay conected without dropping out every few seconds. Iphone 6 has been work great with every bluetooh device.


              2017 Toyota Highlander

              Iphone 11 and iphone pro

              Stereo system entune

              ios 13.1.2


              Have some problem with the ear bluetooth as well, volume going up and down. Plus connect and dis - connect all the time.

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                Same Problem here, 2018 Traverse, Iphone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.1.2. Every third time I enter the car the phonee will be recognized by Carplay then all other times just by Bluetooth. The only way I can get it to reconnect is by turning off the vehicle and exiting letting it lock then re enter and only sometimes it reconnects.  Toggling Bluetooth, Carplay and switching cables is not a fix either. Apple has been no help.

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                Same issue, 2018 GMC Sierra. I called Apple regarding this but they were not helpful at all, they actually got GMC on the phone trying to blame them. Eventually, the Apple engineer admitted that this was most likely a bug in iOS 13 but there's not ETA on a fix. On my vehicle, it actually does work most of the time HOWEVER I often have to manually connect by going into the vehicle's Carplay Settings and forcing the connection. Sometimes it connects only as an iPod and doesn't give me the Carplay display in my vehicle.


                2018 GMC Sierra

                iPhone 11 Pro

                iOS 13.1.2

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                    I'm also finding this to be hit or miss.. I've got a 2018 Chevy Impala and sometimes it connects right away when I plug in my iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS 13.2b1). Sometimes it looks like it connected right away and shows me the CarPlay Screen, but then disconnects.. Sometimes it just doesn't connect at all unless I hard reboot my iPhone. Sometimes I have to actually turn my car OFF (and open the door to turn the Stereo off), AND reboot my iPhone... And then it'll connect. I've got the ability to reset my Stereo to factory defaults, and when I'm on wireless I can update my Stereo's software, too, and have managed to do so before. I'm not seeing any updates from Chevy for my stereo lately, though.


                    Last year's round of iOS12 betas I had a similar issue, and the feedback I received in my radar was to CONTACT THE MAKER OF MY CAR FOR AN UPDATE. Ummm... No? If Apple makes a change, why is it up to little old me to contact my Chevy dealer to tell them they need to update their software? Shouldn't that be on Apple, too?

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                    +1 last update my car detects the phone, start playing music like it's an iPod but the CarPlay app never launches without me removing the device and re-adding to the car.

                    2016 Buick LaCrosse

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                      My issue is not with connecting but rather with Siri not “speaking”. Texts cannot be read back. In fact, any commands to Siri on Car Play simply don’t work.

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                          I had this exact issue and it was driving me crazy.  My plan was to revert back to 13.1.3, but in the attempt it did not let me restore to that version.  I just went ahead and finished a restore from backup to 13.2 and now my carplay is normal, sends texts, reads them back, etc. 

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                              Both our Mercedes --2015 CLS and 2018 CLA — refused to boot CarPlay as soon as we purchased new iPhone 11s. Both systems were purring prior to the change in phones. Reset the system, tried different cables, even tried booting Android Automwith a spare Android phone. No dice. But here's the funny thing. Right after pulling out the USB cable and then plugging the Lightning cable back in, CarPlay Booted and played for my entire drive to the grocery store. But when I drove back, it,failed again!


                              So it seems to have something to do with the cable? Anyhow, it's not just GM that's not playing with CarPlay now. The Mercedes version is wired, BTW. My wireless CarPlay on another car is working just fine.


                              2015 Mercedes CLS400

                              iPhone 11 Pro Max


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                              I'm having the exact same issue in a 2019 Honda Insight.

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                              I Just had my 2018 Escalade serviced for its inability to connect to CarPlay/ iPhone 11 Pro Max this week.  Dealership found nothing of course and did a factory reset of the system and installed the latest software.   That being said, I did see somewhere that general connectivity issues could be caused by dust in the usb connectors and for the **** of it tried compressed air to clean out the connection.   My system is still buggy, but i have only had one fail in the four days since getting my car back.  This is a vast improvement since before it was serviced and i am still considering having them replace the two main USB ports for my vehicle, but a win so far.  The one interesting thing I noticed is many of the comments I have seen on this site have come from GM owners.  It seems that CarPlay this cycle is really not playing nice with the Cue system.   But then again, it seems every other year the iOS update has been hit or miss with improving performance or causing a major setback.   It seems to take a couple of months to settle in.  I am at least optimistic that we are getting updates much faster this cycle which may at least provide the necessary patch for CarPlay sooner than usual.


                              2018 Cadillac Escalade

                              iPhone 11 Pro Max

                              IOS 13.2.1

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                                  I just took my econobox 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage and surprised to see the issues. I can't seem to figure out if it's the head unit. USB port or the ios 13.  Anyways since I bought the car it's worked minimally at best. When it works it's awesome but this is so frustrating.  The dealer a as able to duplicate the issue and they've ordered a replacement head unit to swap out.  Hope this will do the trick when they replace it.  I also called Apple but they were useless. 

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                                  Chevy Bolt, same problem.

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                                      Also have issues with Iphone 11 pro max.  2018 Chevy Volt.  Tons of issues with carplay.  Sometimes it starts right up sometimes it never works.  Sometimes carplay will come up and if you go into say spotify it crashes and dumps out of carplay.    Have done reset network settings, have tried different cords including new oem cords same issues.   Have deleted car from carplay on phone and deleted phone from carplay in car.

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                                      Same issue here. Honda 2018 Accord; all was working fine until I updated to 13.1.3 and now my car doesn't even recognize my phone. Tried different USBs, restarting phone, making sure Honda infotainment is up-do-date and nothing. Crickets. Can't use my Apple CarPlay at all.

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                                        Will sometimes load tried oem cable when it runs it the mic doesnt work or you cant be use the phone for a phone call it wont ouput running Ios 13.1.3 using iphone 11 pro cadillac xt5 2017

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                                          I am having same problem with 11 max pro and 2019 Cadillac Escalade. CarPlay worked on and off for first few days, now it is not connecting at all. I am using an Apple cable. The fast charger that came with phone is not compatible with usb so I am going to try an aftermarket next...

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                                              I am having the same issue. Cadillac XT5, 2018, was working fine with Iphone X. As soon as I upgraded to the 11 Pro, carplay has been ridiculous. Sometimes it will work the second I start the car, other times I have to unplug it and plug it in multiple times before it comes on. Sometimes it doesn't come on at all. Sometimes bluetooth works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it loses my phone pairing- I have re-paired the phone a half dozen times in the last week. I have also had numerous drops of calls (once 3 times during the same 10 minute call). I also was in the middle of one of the largest cities in the country recently and none of the map apps could find the street I was on (ridiculous).


                                              I kind of doubt this is a Cue problem since there are other manufacturers having the same issue. There are numerous reports that it is IOS 13. I have also heard that you should not upgrade to 13.2 because 1. it won't fix the carplay issue and 2. it apparently creates a new problem- all background apps refresh every time you switch between programs, which kills multitasking.


                                              For a $1200 phone, it's pretty darn worthless to me right now. If I thought taking it back to apple would help, I would do it in a heartbeat. But they will just give me another one with IOS 13.

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                                              Same here.  I have a 2018 Chevy Impala.  Went from iPhone X (which worked perfect) to Iphone 11, ios 13.1.3 and now Carplay works intermittently at best. For every 1 time it works i've tried at a minimum 10 other times.  Followed all the tips....use cord delivered, remove my link, remove bluetooth, restart phone, car etc......what gives.  Any feedback from Apple would be great.

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                                                Same issue here. UK Vauxhall Viva 2019, iPhone 7, iOS 13.2. Bluetooth connects but just acts like a dumb Bluetooth speaker. Voice commands etc all fail.

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                                                  I have an iPhone 7 and updated to the 13.2.2. Now, my Apple CarPlay doesn’t work either. It says, “Reading USB” and then crashes. I’ve tried rebooting my phone, turning off the stereo, turning off the car and nothing. It’s worked fine for 11 months. Super frustrating, Apple. What is this crap? 2017 VW Passat

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                                                    This is driving me crazy. How do they keep putting out new versions without fixing this? I’d consider this pretty high on the priority list. Wouldn’t you think? Time to address Apple. I plug my phone, start the car, and then it will continuously running through the connection process, sometimes it completes after about 4 failures, usually it never connects. 2018 Nissan Altima Iphone 11 running IOS 13.2.2

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                                                      So last night after trying different cables and different iPhones all of which have IOS 13 nothing connects and works as CarPlay did in the past. I tweeted Apple and they contacted me via DM. They are trying to say that my 2018 Nissan is not a supported model when it comes to CarPlay. I said “that’s weird because CarPlay is listed in the vehicle specs and was used as a selling point for the car.” So I said to him “I guess Nissan is falsely advertising your product to increase sales, is that what your saying?” Then no reply after that. This is the link he sent me with all the supported vehicles for CarPlay. It all seems fishy to me. https://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/available-models/