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        In mojave I had previously loaded a DisplayLink Driver kext from displaylink.com.  After updating to catalina, I uninstalled via it's uninstaller which removed the kext files and rebuilt the cache.  I rebooted and the kext is still loaded per kextstat.   Rebuilt manually using kextcache, still there after reboot.  Tried removing manually with kextunload and system crashes.  Reinstalled and uninstalled no change.  Stumped here. 


        The kext was originally in /Library/Extensions, it is completely gone yet the Kernel still shows the extension as running. 


           42    0 0xffffff7f828e7000 0xc000     0xc000     com.displaylink.driver.DisplayLinkDriver (5.0 (42)) 4E4C9A34-2960-3AC0-8BB7-861686561DAB <41 13 6 5 3>


        Any ideas?