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        I had been using Safari 12.1.2 on my iMac 2017 with High Sierra, when the bookmarks suddenly were not dragging and dropping into Facebook or emails and then could not be dragged or dropped anywhere. I installed the updated Safari and it has the same issue. I can close and restart Safari and it works for the first drag and drop and then nothing. I have more than one iMac, and it is working on my 2015 iMac with Safari 12.1.2 and the bookmarks all work (drag and drop) when I import than into Firefox. I prefer Safari, but if I can't drag and drop  then Safari is useless. What might be causing this issue?  I can't keep rebooting my computer and Safari or it is as time consuming as clicking on the bookmarkm opening in a new window and then copying the url to the email or facebook page... thanks!