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        Heeeelllllo IOS!


        I have been thinking a long time about an app with 100 % user-generated content,


        think of it in a way that people globally share images with each other in their daily lives.


        Consider a view in an iOS app with content of users that have taken with their cameras, and you can for instance see awesome things happening in like New Zealand because lots of people upvoted a great image there that was taken 2 days ago...


        Now if only good images are posted, it's all good. But obviously, you would not want people taking images or sexual content, or violent stuff and your app displaying it for the users...


        So this whole "be able to detect and block content/users", how advanced does it need to be in order for App Review to not reject such an application?


        In order for it to work really good I guess you'd need some good tech in place that's maybe too time-consuming for a single dev to have in place on first launch into App Store???

        Just a thought ... don't know if any clear answers are possible to be gotten ... but oh well!