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        I am attempting to utilize the CallDirectory Extension to add a phone number to a block list.


        This is the class:


        class CallDirectoryHandler: CXCallDirectoryProvider {


            override func beginRequest(with context: CXCallDirectoryExtensionContext) {

                context.delegate = self


                context.addBlockingEntry(withNextSequentialPhoneNumber: 1_555_555_5555)




        Just to verify things I have added this to my code:


        CXCallDirectoryManager.sharedInstance.reloadExtension(withIdentifier: "<myappname>") { (error) i

                    print("reloaded extension CallDirectory", error as Any)



        There are no error messages from the extension being loaded above.


        In iOS 13 the inbound calls are not being blocked, however on iOS 12 this works correctly.