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        All, does anyone have a strategy for (anonymously) identifying the user logged into apple music on your site (without a separate account or prompt)?


        This would be convenient in many ways - but the particular thing I'm worried about right now is the problem of multiple users on the same computer:


        - user A logs in, I download his library and put it in local storage so that it can be there right away when he returns to the site.

        - later, user B logs into the same computer and same browser (say at a public internet café computer). He logs in to *his* account, but for at least some period of time I have no way of knowing that the local storage cache is no longer relevant to this user and in fact belongs to an entirely different user, so I should User B the Albums of User A (though not User A's identity). Obviously not a great experience to say this least.


        Ideally I would like a GUID representing the user that I could use to key the local storage items I'm using. Is there a way to get one??


        Thank you