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        One of the later betas corrupted, for lack of a better word, two of my iCloud Drive app folders on macOS only. I don't know which beta because since it only did it to two apps and I don't use them that often I didn't notice until quite recently. The files are all still in iCloud Drive on iOS and iCloud.com. The apps on iOS can see the files, changes save, etc. All works as normal.


        MacOS sees the folders on iCloud but insists that they're empty both in Finder and the apps themselves. Has anyone encountered this and fixed it? It's not the issues mentioned in the release notes, everything else appears as expected. There is no lengthy sync happening in the background.


        I tried reinstalling the apps and toggling iCloud so it pulled everything back down from the server, but it just pulls the "empty" folder down on this Mac only.

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          Maybe this explain it to you..

          from Release Notes:




          Known Issues

          • After updating to macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta 7 or later, iCloud Drive might synchronize for an extended period of time. If you notice any missing files, they can be found inside a Recovered Files folder in your home folder. (54046219)
          • Even when Optimize Storage is switched off, iCloud Drive might fail to automatically download all files. (50667204)Workaround: Download files individually.