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        Hey guys,


        we're distributing a dynamic objc framework that we have built with XCode 11.0 (11A420a). It targets iOS 11.0.


        When including this SDK in an app (via CocoaPods) in XCode 10.3 (10G8) building works fine. But when we try to distribute the app and select AdHoc or Enterprise in the Organizer, the "App Thinning" process that initially kicks in fails with the following error message:


        Failed to verify bitcode in OurSDK.framework/OurSDK:

        error: Linker option verification failed for bundle /var/folders/mz/w7frv01d4233q551czjbmghr0000gn/T/OurSDKEW7aPL/OurSDK.arm64.xar (unrecognized arguments: -platform_version iOS 11.0.0 13.0.0)


        When doing the same thing in XCode 11.0 everything works fine. Does anybody know how to solve this issue in XCode 10.3?