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        Working with configuring devices using the EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser form the ExternalAccessories framework, has some issues when run on iOS 13.


        The case is:


        • Call EAWiFiUnconfiguredAccessoryBrowser.configureAccessory(unconfiguredAccessory, withConfigurationUIOn: someViewController).
        • This presents the WAC remote view controller that then presents the WAC setup that is a UIRemoteView, so our host application has no way to interact with it.
        • On iOS 13, the modal presentation that is displaying the WAC configuration is dismissable via drag. When it is dismissed via drag, there is no callback for cancelation on the delegate, nor does the configuration clean up after itself, so if you try running the command again, the WAC UI is not presented.


        Is there any work around for this, or is this a known issue?